The Filing Cabinet

Andrew has consistently sought to draw together subject matter from a variety of sources, reflective of his fascination with light, texture, perspective and ideas.


Swan Lake

Wren Sharpened

The Measure of a Parrot

Rosellas Education

Big Finch Silver Eye

Wagtail Toolbox

Chain Circle Lorikeet

The Stilt and the Crab

Fisherman’s Reach

Pieces of the Puzzle Rodd Island

Homebush Bay Wreck

Artificial Southerly

Navigating the Boom

The Boating Party

Around the Top Marker

High and Dry

Indoor Sailing

Which Turn Next DH 88 World Racer

Bombing the Bonsai

The Pretty Beach Index

Looking for Martin Mars

Desert Orchid Drop

Bromliad Transport

Magnetic Orchid

Blown Into Shape

Ornithological Getaway

Weekend Marker

Test Flight

The Suitcase Squadron

Operation Apple Drop

Washtub Yabbies

Mellon Jack

Falling Installation