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Maitland Afloat : A series of 7 paintings

When I first came to Maitland a couple of years ago, I found myself in a rural environment which was rather different from the coastal one I had been familiar with.

Wanting to explore the place of Maitland, I started to explore the physicalness of the town. What was immediately obvious to me was the historic architecture that still survived in the town though now without the scars of past modern development.

I started to notice how many places were empty and how many in the town didn’t value what heritage was left. Though there is a group of concerned citizens that do very much care which I later came to be aware of.

That led me to the idea of these buildings floating away from people’s importance and value which flowed to the idea of combining the portrait of an old building and the idea of floating them into the sky. Drifting away only tenuously being held in place by the electric wires, tethering them in place.

The series started with being tethered but finished with these buildings being allowed to drift away. Indeed one work has a young woman reading a book as the basic out building drifting through the sky on a lazy afternoon.

Actually, the final work has one of the antique stores wandering away from Maitland completely to be over one of the lakes to the south-east.

All the skies are taken from the Maitland area sometimes with the precursor to a storm, sometimes just an afternoon sky.

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